New Mexico Wedding Photographers – In Santa Fe & Albuquerque

Albuquerque based wedding photographers offering affordable wedding photography in the Albuqueque and Santa Fe areas.

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Why Pick Us?

There was a time when wedding photography was unavoidably expensive. We are talking the days of film when a roll of film cost money for every step. Photographers would charge per roll, charge to develop the film, charge to proof the film, and then charge for prepackaged prints, many of which you did not want or need. 26 shots per roll is all you got. If you were on a budget, you prayed they developed cleanly and there weren't too many that were blurry and everyone's eyes were open.

Today, wedding photography is all digital, and fundamentally less expensive in nature.  Many wedding photographers take advantage of this and simply artificially inflate their prices so you are overpaying for what they provide. Some even require you to still purchase preset packages of physical prints.

We don't believe in any of that. We charge what is fair for a solid and unique service. In these uncertain times, why do you need to max out your credit cards to pay for something that we offer at a fraction of the price for the same quality?

Who Are We?

We a husband and wife team of non-traditional photographers specially trained in the art form of Hollywood filmmaking driven to bring you the most unique wedding photography possible at the most affordable price! We bring over a decade of experience from the film industry itself into your wedding. 

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